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Your dinner can be enhanced by a full appetizer and hor d'oeuvres menu or maybe you only want an appetizer bar for your event or wedding. In either case - we have a wonderful series of choices that makes your Minnesota event perfect! 

Some of our popular appetizers are a seasonal fruit trays, fresh vegetable tray with dip, cheese and crackers, deli meat and cheese, deviled eggs, bruschetta with fresh tomato and basil, smoked salmon with egg or chilled shrimp.  If that is not enough - no worries ... we have more!  From artichoke spinach dip, chicken sate, mini egg rolls, buffalo wings, chicken drummies, mini franks, swedish meatballs and even stuffed mushroom caps.  

Make sure and visit our FULL menu below to see all the details, options and prices.


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COLD Hors D'oeuvres & Embellishments Menus (all items are based on 100 servings unless otherwise noted)

Seasonal Fruit Tray - $275

A blend of fresh fruit. 


Fresh Vegetable Tray with Dip - $225

The perfect mixture of fresh veggies and dip.


Cheese Tray with Crackers - $225

A splendid array of cheese and crackers.


Deli Meat and Cheese Tray with Rolls and Condiments $4.30/guest

A fabulous display of meat and cheese tray with a selection of rolls.


Deviled Eggs - $200

A delicious taste of the perfect recipe for deviled eggs.


Bruschetta with Fresh Tomato & Basil - $225

An antipasto derived from Italy - topped with olive oil and a rub of garlic.


Smoked Side of Salmon with Eggs, Red Onion and Capers - $ 325

A fresh tray of Salmon to die for.


Chilled Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce - Market Price

Your event won't be complete without this display of chilled shrimp and cocktail sauce.



HOT Hors D'oeuvres & Embellishments Menus (all items are based on 100 servings unless otherwise noted)

Antichoke Spinach Dip with Croutons - $200

A party favorite


Chicken Sate with Spicy Peanut Sauce - $5.20/guest

Chicken with spicy peanut sauce.


Mini Egg Rolls with Hot Mustard - $225

Delicious egg rolls that you can pop into your mouth.


Buffalo or Teriyaki Wings - $275 

An American favorite. This classic is mouth watering and finger licking good.


Lemon Chicken Tempura - $325

The sweet lemon sauce goes perfectly with the lightly seasoned chicken.


Assorted Miniature Quiche - $250

Delicious flavors and assortments of this mini quiche.


Chicken Drummies with Dipping Sauce - $275

Finger licking good - these little drummies are to die for.


Mini Franks in BBQ Sauce - $275

Another American classic are these mouth popping good mini franks, dipped in BBQ sauce.


Swedish or BBQ Meatballs - $300

Amazingly delicious these meatballs are a must try.


Baked Ham, Bacon & Cheese Cups - $225

A desirable combination that will leave your mouth asking for more.


Stuffed Mushroom Caps 

Bringing stuffed mushrooms to a whole new level.

Sausage - $250
Crab - $300




Ask about our Carving Stations!

If you have some other ideas, just let us know – our menus are fully customizable!

Prices subject to applicable sales tax and 20% service charge.  Pricing subject to change.





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“We are really in the business of creating joyous experiences in which you become the rockstar of your most important events through delicious food and over-the-top service.  Each person on our staff has been empowered to do whatever it takes to make you and your guests happy.” Jeff Conner Co-Founder and CEO




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