6 Tips on How to Actually Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

By: Desi Dimitrova


It’s finally happened! He popped the question! “Here comes the bride, all dressed in white…” the song goes. And until the big day comes, you’ve got that gorgeous engagement ring to shine on your hand!

Isn’t it crazy how a little piece of sparkling stone can make even the toughest girl weak in the knees? And yet, whether we like to admit or it not, it’s what we all want. And once we get it, suddenly we’re overwhelmed by a strange feeling. It’s like none of our clothes feel special enough anymore and yet, somehow, they all fit together. Because they’re bound by the sparkle of your new diamond ring!

Congratulations! You’ve made it — you’ve got the ring. Now what?

Now, you must protect it. Because if you want it to keep its shine, you’ll have to pay close attention to it. But don’t worry! It’s really easy and you’ll get used to it in no time! Here are 6 tips on how you can actually keep your engagement ring safe, sound, and most importunely, sparkly.


Tip #1: Keep the Ring Out of the Kitchen

Have you noticed how women in movies seem to always take their engagement rings off before they wash the dishes or cook? And have you ever wondered why do that?

For one thing, when you’re washing dishes, the ring can easily slip off your finger. And we don’t want that. Second, pieces of soap can get stuck in the cracks, which will comprise the outstanding quality of the ring.

Cooking is a whole other matter. Imagine kneading dough or making meatballs for dinner. Do you think that washing your hands will help get rid of all of the residual material that will seep into the ring?

Bottom line: the kitchen is not the best place for your precious.


Tip #2: Avoid Doing Sports With the Ring

It may seem obvious but it’s important to point it out, because this tip actually comes from experience. If you go to a training, especially if the sport is somewhat rough, you run the risk of damaging your ring.

Imagine that you’re playing basketball (not the toughest sport out there but still dangerous). Someone passes you the ball but you see it at the last moment. You lift your hands to protect your face and the ball hits your fingers, knocking the stone out of its place.

Another example is swimming. Similarly, as to why you should take off the ring when washing dishes, when you swim, the ring might slip off your fingers. Sometimes, the cold water causes your hands to shrink down, so that will be even easier.

Does it all sound far-fetched? It really isn’t. Listen to the words of experience!


Tip #3: Don’t Do House Work While the Ring is On Your Finger

In the same way that you should keep the ring out of the kitchen, you should avoid cleaning the house with it. Or doing any other physical chore, for that matter.

After all, the chemicals, which common household detergents have, can cause irreversible damage to your precious stone. They can leave it cloudy and dull. And sounds just dreadful!

So, remember: always, always, always take the ring off when you’re about to clean the house!


Tip #4: Take the Ring Away From Your Beauty Routine

Another tip, brought to you through the wisdom of experience.

You might be thinking...

But wait a minute! What does my beauty routine have to do with anything? I’m just putting on a little makeup, that’s all. How is that going to hurt anybody?

Yes, that’s true. But while you’re putting on “a little makeup”, you’re also spreading thousands of microscopic particles. They can easily get caught in all the little holes around your ring. Think about it. Do you want fine dust that’s the shade of your foundation to be ruining your perfect ring?

Another thing you want to avoid is to use body lotion, while with the ring. The residue can leave marks and can make you feel like the ring is dirty. And that doesn’t like much fun, does it?


Tip #5: Keep it Clean

Easy to say, harder to do. But we all go through it, because we like our diamonds nice and shiny! There are two ways you can do that.

The first method is to simply take it to a jeweler who will clean the ring for you. That’s right — you can do that! And there’s a good chance they won’t charge you for it. How amazing is that?

The second method is to clean it at home. Soak the ring in warm water with a little bit of dish soap or ammonia (in proportion 4 to 1) for about 10 min. Then gently brush it with a soft toothbrush. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more aggressive solution, you can use alcohol the get the stains off.  


Tip #6: Insure the Ring

Last, and definitely not least, buy insurance.

Many people forget that because, after all, you don’t get insurance on every piece of jewelry you own, do you? But this isn’t your average ring. It’s probably the most expensive piece you have, so give yourself some peace of mind. No one wants for bad things to happen, but you’ll feel much better (and safer) once you have that insurance.

And in order to get it, you’ll need to have the ring appraised by an expert. You should do that on every 5 years or so. The market of precious stones changes constantly, and it’s a good idea to know the value of your property.

And there you have it — 6 tips that will help you take care of your engagement ring to the best of your abilities. If you follow these simple points, you’ll enjoy your precious rock for as long as you live. Just like your honey and the love that encircles you.

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