7 Best Advantages of a Winter Wedding

By: Desi Dimitrova


Winter in Minnesota! With its hot chocolate, and cozy nights in front of the fireplace, who doesn’t love it? But have you ever considered that it might be the perfect time to get married? Yes, a winter wedding might not be traditional, but we guarantee you that it will be just as magical!

If you haven’t set the date yet, think of all the possibilities that the cold season offers you! Setting off to your honeymoon in a horse-drawn carriage, while a white blanket is covering the ground, can be only one the many small details that will make your wedding day truly special. And unforgettable! 

Let’s explore what are the best advantages of having a magical winter wedding!


1. Your friends will love you!

Summer seems to be the most popular season to get married. Which is why so many couples do it. And what happens to their friends? They get sucked into a whirlwind of weddings, hopping from one to another, and not having any time to enjoy them. By the end of the season, they feel exhausted, both mentally and physically.

A winter wedding, however, will be a pleasant surprise for them. They would have had time to spend an extra weekend on the beach, and they would appreciate it. Now, when the weather is cold and nothing too interesting is happening, they will have an exciting event to look forward to. Not to mention that they would actually dedicate time and thought to your wedding. Way to go!


2. Your bank account might not see a drastic dip!

No matter who you are, or where you come from, you know one thing to be true. Weddings are expensive! After all, you’re buying dinner for dozens (if not hundreds) of people. Of course, that it will affect your bank account. However, winter weddings are less expensive!

That’s right! The demand is lower, so take advantage of off-season prices. Don’t hold out on all the little things you’ve always dreamed of!

An additional bonus are the off-season prices for traveling and accommodation! If your friends didn’t love you enough already, they sure will now, when they see the attractive discounts that traveling companies offer!


3. Your hairdresser and makeup artist will breathe easy!    

One of the worst things about summer weddings is that it’s usually too hot. And humid! Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on that perfect hairdo, and that subtle-and-yet-effective makeup look that you’ve always wanted, only for everything to be ruined by the high humidity of the air. Disastrous!

A winter wedding, however, is a whole different story. Your hairdresser and your makeup artist will manage to create your brilliant look without much effort. And no one will be worried about smudges or frizziness! They will breathe a sigh of relief, and you will be ready for the whole night!


4. You will be less stressed!

Weddings can be some of the most stressful events in people’s lives. There are so many elements to consider, and so many moving parts, that it’s very easy to lose control. For example, if you’re having a wedding during any other season of the year, you can never be sure of the weather. So you will always have to have at least two scenarios in mind.

With winter weddings, all of that stress is just gone. You already know that it will be cold, and that the ceremony and reception are going to happen indoors. So everything can be settled in advance.

You get another additional bonus — the wedding will take less time to plan! Venues will have more availability, which means that you will have more options for dates. Make your wedding at the location you’ve always wanted. It’s available!


5. You can go all out, guilt-free!

We all imagine how our ideal wedding day would look like (even if it is far, far away into the future). But in reality we often have to settle, and make compromises with our desires due to budget restrictions. Not anymore! Now you already know that you will save some money on the venue, and vendors. So why not splurge a little? It’s the only wedding you’ll have!

Why not buy that stylish winter coat to keep you warm? And how about that glittery centrepiece that would definitely look out of place at a garden wedding, but would be absolutely gorgeous in the big, white wedding hall? You can invest in anything your heart desires! Think of all of the opportunities!


6. Your story will turn into a fairytale!

There is one person who is present at every wedding, but who is often overlooked. He (or she) usually has one of the hardest jobs, but is not often appreciated for it. We’re talking about the wedding photographer! He carries such a big responsibility on his shoulders, and he never complains.

Every wedding has its story. It’s the photographer’s job to tell that story, and to capture its essence and magic. Winter is the perfect season for that! Imagine a photoshoot next to snow-covered trees, while sparkling snowflakes fall from the sky. And the whole scene is surrounded by enchanting lights. Absolutely gorgeous!


7. Your wedding will be one for the ages!   

Do you know what makes precious stones precious? The fact that they are so rare! Winter weddings on the other hand — they are unique! They are rare, just like precious stones. And they are the jewels in the crown of weddings! Everybody will remember your special day. And everybody will be talking about it for years to come! What more could a couple wish for? Magic and beauty will intertwine, leaving behind a story for the ages!

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter when and where you get married. As long as you love each other, all the other things fade in the background. However, creating a fairytale wedding (and on a budget!) can be complimentary to your love!

What do you think is the best advantage of having a winter wedding?

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