The Signature Cocktail


A new item we are seeing more and more of at weddings is the Signature Cocktail. The Signature Cocktail is great for a number of reasons. Below are just some of those reasons (and ideas) for you to think about as you begin planning the details of the wedding beyond just venue, food, and dress. The hosted bar product, or the “free stuff” as many of your guests will ask the bartenders, is almost a must at this point for any wedding. But that doesn’t mean it just has to be another expense to add on to the bill.

It gives you another chance to make your special day more than just another wedding to your guests. This trend isn’t so popular that everyone is doing it yet and it will be something unique that your guests maybe haven’t even seen before. Although some trends come and go this particular detail to add to a wedding day will be something that can be customized and changed to so many different things that I don’t see it running its course anytime soon.

It can be something that you know a lot of your guests love or it can be something that screams out something about the personality of you and your soon to be spouse, leaving people knowing exactly whose wedding they are at and remembering the awesome cocktail that was served. The goal isn’t for the cocktail to get everyone at your wedding to enjoy the night- but it really is another great memory for them to have of your day. You may want to have enough servings for everyone to have one or two, which not everyone will, but lots of people will try one because it will be new and different and they will want to say they had your signature cocktail! This then also leaves enough remaining for the people that really enjoy it to go back for one more. Then when it is gone, it is gone. Just a fond memory and something you have left people wanting more of, an all-around great feeling for people to have about your wedding day.

A wedding may have a music theme, a great cocktail for them would be the Purple Rain, a shout out to the late great Prince. Perhaps Beatles is more your style, the classic Strawberry fields forever or maybe more of an Eagle’s group dancing the night away at your wedding, the mandarin apple tequila infused champagne AKA the Hotel California is perfect for your guests. Let’s say you had a destination wedding in Mexico. And for the reception you host the classic margarita as your signature cocktail. This is an excellent fit for guests to feel like they are right back there celebrating with you on the beautiful ocean beach. The cocktail can also be as simple as your favorite drink, a Captain Morgan and diet soda perhaps.

The cocktail doesn’t even have to be a cocktail. You can take your hosted beer or wine and center that around a theme to. Coors Banquet perhaps if it is winter time and there is family in from Denver. Or if your wedding has a French theme, go with the classic wine from the vineyards of France.

The biggest key to having this cocktail available to your guests is to ensure it is served at a different “bar” or station than the cash bar. Maybe pair it with a keg or some of your other hosted product. That way, at the beginning of the reception, when there is usually a large line at the bar, no matter how many bartenders you have paid for to be there, guests have the option of 2 locations to get a drink so that the crowd is spread out a bit more, getting drinks quicker, and making the event more enjoyable. You can accomplish this same effect by making the signature drink a part of the dance after dinner at your reception. The cocktail becomes available once dinner has completed and will be a boost to get those people suffering from overeating out on the dance floor. If you were to go the post-dinner route it opens up even more the options that would be available to you for your special cocktail! A chocolate martini? A delicious Port Wine? Or maybe a root beer schnapps float!

A signature cocktail is something your guests will remember about your special day and the options are endless. It’s a great way to make it your own and, of course, who doesn’t love free stuff at the bar at any wedding!?

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