The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Ring Tattoos

By: Elesha Piper


When Pamela Anderson said ‘I do’ to Tommy Lee during their whirlwind, booze-fueled wedding in 1995,  Pam’s infamous inked wedding band ‘Tommy’ received as much attention as the bikini she got married in.  While things didn’t turn out so well for those guys, decades later, the tattoo ring has surged in popularity with many couples opting for ink over carats.

Getting hitched and wondering if a tattoo ring is for you?  Check out our ultimate guide to everything you need to consider before taking the plunge and committing to a wedding ring tattoo.


Why Get a Wedding Ring Tattoo

Getting your wedding band inked on has swept the globe as a popular alternative to the traditional Tiffany's sparkler. So why are couples choosing ink to symbolize the biggest commitment of their lives? 

●       It’s creative and a little edgy
Not everyone is up for the Princess bride look with a huge diamond ring to boot. A tattoo is a different way to express commitment and the design options are flexible; although you’re advised to keep it simple - more on this below.
●       It won’t be lost down the drain
A ring tattoo is pretty much permanent. It can’t be lost or stolen. Some couples even decide to have a tattoo ring and a ring so in the times the jewels can’t be worn, they still have a permanent reminder of their commitment. Pam likely regretted her permanent choice on of band. She had ‘Tommy’ changed to ‘Mommy’ when the couple divorced.
●       You’ll save money
With the average wedding in the US hitting record-breaking levels in recent years of $35, 329.00 it’s no wonder couples are looking to shave a little off the bill where possible. By bucking the trend of the tradition ring and getting inked instead, couples free up a swag of cash to spend on other parts of the big day or honeymoon….or just squirrel it away in savings!

Design Inspiration

Getting the design right for your wedding tattoo is just as important as picking the right ring from the jeweler. Stick with simple lines and shapes as smaller, more intricate designs often won’t work well with a tattoo on your finger. Trending designing include the wedding date (in Hindu-Arabic or Roman numerals), plain bands (one or 2 lines maximum is best), initials and representation of real jewels. Looking for inspiration? Check out these stunning examples of tattoo rings on Pinterest or  #weddingringtattoo on Instagram. 

If you’re wanting a really unique design, hunt out a tattoo artist that is skilled in creating their own designs based on your requirements, rather than copying an existing design. 

Tatt Tip: The underside of our fingers won’t hold ink for too long as the skin on our hands sheds quickly. It’s a good idea to opt for a tattoo on top of the finger as tattoos that wrap around the entire finger will become blurry or shed the ink. 


Brace for the Pain

No pain, no gain right? Hands and fingers can be some of the most painful places to get a tattoo as the skin is thinner and more sensitive plus our hands are bony and filled with ligaments. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 


Select the Perfect Tattoo Artist 

A tattoo isn’t something you want to get wrong. Especially a wedding ring tattoo. The outcome is, literally, in the hands of your tattoo artist so take your time choosing the right one.

A great wedding band tattoo artist needs to have experience working with small designs. But just because an artist has done a few tattoo rings, it doesn’t make them an expert. Do your research, locate a tattoo artist that comes recommended (you can’t beat word of mouth) and if you can view a ‘real life’ example, even better.

Don’t feel rushed or pressured into your decision to get the tattoo there on the spot when you first visit a parlor/artist you're considering. Take your time and let them know you need a few days to think about it.

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