What Can Set Your Wedding Apart

All of your family and friends that are attending your special day have been to countless weddings in their lifetime. One of the greatest feelings in the world, speaking from experience, is having people remember your wedding weeks, months, and years after the actual day is over. When extended family, or those you don't see too often, make it a point to bring up how fond their memories are of your wedding day-- that means you did everything just right! There are many things you can do to ensure this happens and hopefully your wedding venue and/or caterer and other vendors can help you accomplish this as well.

For your venue and caterer, a big key is customization in the room setup, décor, and menu that your guests will be treated to at your event. The last thing you want is to have a cookie cutter wedding (option a. b. or c.) that every bride they have ever served has had. Especially if it is a popular place for family or friends to get married and your guests have seen it all before. Your wedding venue should let you help design the room layout while providing great tips for what has and has not worked in the past. They can lead you in the right direction. But you want to make sure the flow of the room fits your vision and makes sense for the events of the big day. How important is it to you that guests can get a beverage immediately upon arrival? You know guests will probably arrive with a card or gift and will want to put it on the gift table right away so they aren’t carrying it around. What can you conveniently setup right next to the gift table? The bar! Giving your guests immediate access to whatever you decide to host for them will get the party started. If you plan to do a processional to the table for the cake cutting picture and a possible face smashing of cake, then you want to make sure you have control of the location of the cake table.

As for the menu from your caterer, you want to make sure it offers food you love! It is your wedding day after all. And if you want to know it will be delicious food your guests will remember, you should schedule a tasting to ensure this is the case. A catering company that is willing to customize your menu will offer a tasting for you, as well. Again, choosing from 3 options that every other couple or catering company has at weddings makes you feel limited and not very special. The 3 offerings may be delicious and if it is something you love, then go for it! But, if there is something unique you would love to see, have that conversation with your menu planner. Perhaps a twist on their house mac & cheese. Maybe you would love to see an old recipe from Great Grandma that your family is in love with. Or maybe you have something in mind that has never been done before at a wedding you have been to. Keep in mind these type of items and customization can come with additional charges. But it is worth it if your goal is to accomplish a unique and memorable wedding!

There are a few other things you can add into the event to set it apart from other weddings. Sometimes the venue or catering company has options and this is your opportunity to put your twist on it and make all aspects of the big day fit your theme. For example, perhaps the caterer provides a list of menu items at the beginning of the buffet, or a sign on the bar telling guests what is hosted by the couple. These are 2 things you can easily create yourself. Make them as big or as little as you want to and ensure they fit your theme that you have spent so much time creating.

On the same line of thinking, two other great opportunities exist to make all aspects of your wedding stand out. Your guest book and your card box/gift table can be given the attention it deserves to ensure people remember it. In the case of the guest book, really getting guests interested will encourage them to leave a genuine, well thought out note you'll get to look back on for years. Think beyond a book with lines for everyone. Get a scrap book of pictures of you and your fiancé with room on every page for guests to sign. If you like to surf, bring in a surfboard for everyone to sign. If duck hunting is something you both love, lay out decoys for people to sign and leave message on. Perhaps you have a favorite painting or work of art. Or a spare invite that you can put a nice border around. After everyone signs it, get it framed and hang it on your wall to always remind yourselves of all the great messages from all your loved ones on your wedding day.

Lastly, let’s make the memories of the wonderful night last forever! You can easily create a hashtag (#) for all your guests to use on social media when taking pictures at your wedding. Your guests will likely be posting throughout night, the next day, and even for years to come! Snapchat even has geo filters you can create and customize. Encourage everyone to use all these tools as they are on their phones that night by putting all the info on table cards, using a big sign by the entrance, or have your DJ make an announcement. It can take a while to get all the final photos from your photographer so this is a great way to get instant memories from your special day and something you can enjoy until all your wedding photos are in hand.

All of these customizable aspects will make your wedding unique and your own! 

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