15 Ways to “Pop” the Question to Your Bridesmaids

By: Desi Dimitrova


The big day is coming up! Do you have a venue? And what about catering? Will you have a band or a DJ? There are too many appointments to make, and even more decisions to take! Picking out the dress, the hairstyle, the make-up, the wedding cake, the decoration… You need help! And who’ll be there for you though it all? Your bridesmaids, of course!

Have you wondered about how you should go about asking them? If you’re looking for creative ideas, keep on reading and make this experience just as special for them!

1. Puzzle

Let’s start simple but effective. Create a picture of what you want the puzzle to say and then send it to a photo or a printing studio. Or why not buy one online? It’s cute, fun, and most of all, personal!

2. Fortune Cookies

Did you know that some vendors actually produce fortune cookies in which they add little notes that contain the oh-so-important question — “Will you be my bridesmaid”? You can find them on websites like Etsy.

3. Champagne

Or wine. Or even tequila. It doesn’t matter. Choose your favorite type of alcohol and buy however many you need. Print out labels with a picture of you and your potential bridesmaid, and the big question. Then take out the manufactured labels and put on the new ones! Watch as their faces light up and they say “yes”!

4. Personalized Wine Glasses

If you don’t like the idea of giving your friends alcohol, then how about something they could use to drink said alcohol? Wine glasses look very sophisticated and if you’re really not into spirits, you can always turn to cozy mugs.

5. “Pop” The Question with A Piece of Jewelry

Your partner proposed to you with a piece of jewelry, so why don’t you do the same for your bridesmaids? We all love to receive presents. And if they’re in the shape of a bracelet or a creative ring, we’d love them even more!

6. Even If It’s Only Candy

Remember the good old ring pops? They’re a fun way to “seal the deal”. Perhaps you could create your very own jewelry boxes in which you could put the “ring”. And if you like theatrics or you just want to experience what it’s like, get down on one knee. Hold the box up, ask your question and show your friend the ring. Did she say “yes”?

7. Recipe for Friendship

If you’re looking for something that can add a little extra sugar, look no further than the recipe box. Here’s how it works: buy a nice little box, big enough to fit square pieces of paper. Write down recipes for a few of your friend’s favorite dishes, and in the end, create a “Recipe for Friendship”. Once she gets to it, she’ll be so touched. And that’s when you make your move.

8. Chocolates with A Message

And if you’re looking to add some real sugar to the mix, why not give your friends boxes of chocolates with letters on them? They will spell out the question you’re burning to ask. Who could resist that? And if you’re a fan of the fine bakery, you could do the same with cookies or cupcakes. Whatever will help your friends say “yes”!

9. Custom M&Ms

If you want to be extra original, M&Ms offer a special wedding edition of their candy. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry! You can always create your very own candywith a customized text or even a picture! Is that amazing or what?

10. Nail Polish

If your friends are into cosmetics, why don’t you create a custom nail polish for them? You can use the main color of your wedding, so that you know they will match on the day. On the label, you can ask your question (just like with the champagne or wine bottles), and voilà!

11. Scented Candles

Your bridesmaids will be under a lot of stress. So why not show them you care by “popping” the question with a custom-made, relaxing scented candle? Your friends will appreciate it so much!

12. Have A Spa Day

The ultimate day of relaxation! Butter your friends up all nice and good, make them feel special, and then at the end, announce your question. They’ll feel so appreciated and touched by the gesture!

13. Go for A Picnic

If your budget is tighter and going to the spa is slightly out of your price range, why not go for a picnic? Invite your friends out for a fun day in the park (and why not even at home, if the weather is no good?). You can bring the fortune cookies with you and “pop” the question at the end of the meal. But really all you need is good mood and amazing friends!

14. Create A Scrapbook

Remember the good old days when we were all scrapbooking? It was so much fun, right? And the end result always looked amazing, even when it wasn’t. Because the thought behind it was what gave it that special umph. So, try and bring that tradition back. Collect your most beautiful pictures together, put them in a book, add a little glitter and fairy dust, and you’re good to go! Your friend won’t be able to resist!

15. Or A Picture Frame

Here’s another incredible idea! Custom-make a picture frame. You can simply write on the side “Bridesmaid” and give it to your friend. It’s a great way to “propose” for 2 reasons. First off, it shows your personal touch and the fact that you care. Second, your friend will be able to put her favorite picture of your wedding there. And she’ll be able to show it to the whole world!

So, there you have them — 15 amazing ways how you can ask your friends to be bridesmaids! And if you feel a bit nervous about it, don’t worry! The most important thing to remember is to have fun with it. Your friends love you — show them that you feel the same way and everything will be all right! Which idea is your favorite?

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