tommy thompson | december 31, 2019

The Surely You Jest Comedy Season at Courtyards of Andover keeps on keeping on with dinner and hilarity.


To Be Determined.


Tommy Thompson was looking to be an actor but found his way to stand-up comedy 16 years ago. Thompson described his act as “adult.” Thompson, the youngest of three, said he was “always funny for camaraderie’s sake. I could make my friends laugh.” It was a hard transition for the Fridley native from making his friends laugh to making an audience laugh. Thompson found his niche by being the everyman’s comic. He has state he “wants to be a guy you can sit down and have a beer with”.

Interestingly enough, Thompson’s brother, Shannon, is a comedian, too. While they both make people laugh, their styles are different. Shannon is said to have a dryer and darker humor.

Both brothers will be preforming at our NYE comedy night.